Hose Branding Change 3090

As the market continuously changes, Burgaflex products adapt to these changes, not only technically but also in relation to legislation and specifications.  During the second half of 2015 the SAE committee released the latest version of SAE J2064. This specification is used by many customers for hose and hose assembly requirements.

Technically, nothing has changed, however the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has divided the hose specifications and hose assembly specifications into two different standards.  The hose constructions (hose types) and requirements of ozone resistances and extraction for the hose are transferred into the new standard SAE J3062. The existing standard SAE J2064 remains in place for the requirements of permeation and coupling integrity for hose assemblies.

An important additional requirement of the new standard is the certification of the hose coupler by the SAE based on SAE J2911.  Burgaflex is one of the few hose couplers who are already certified and registered. This allows Burgaflex to have SAE J2064 printed on our hoses in combination with the compatible refrigerants R134a and R1234yf or, as a label wrapped around the hose assembly.

Although Burgaflex is certified as above, the low permeation barrier hose 3090 is compatible with many other refrigerants such as R404a, R410 and the applicable oils. In fact the reduced diameter hose is a multi-refrigerant hose. With other additional requirements such as customer specific hose specifications and the European standard DIN 8866-2, Burgaflex made the decision to change the hose branding for the low permeation hose 3090 as follows;

BURGAFLEX 3090-x MULTICOOL Premium Refrigerant – Type C Class I – x inch (x mm)

The updated datasheets for the 3090 hose will show that the hose meets the applicable standards. There is no change for the standard 3055 hose because this hose can be used with R134a only.

As well as the 3090 hose being suitable for multiple refrigerants , 3090 Multicool hose can be used in conjunction with the Burgaclip and Burgaflex crimp fittings to comply with the applicable standards and regulations under the control of Burgaflex Holland, Burgaflex France, Burgaflex United Kingdom, Burgaflex Turkey, Burgaflex Poland, Burgaflex Asia Pacific and Burgaflex China.

In conclusion, the reason for the re-branding of our reduced barrier hose 3090 is to confirm the following;

1- It meets the legislation and certification requirements.

2-Technically there is no change in construction of the hose and fitting combination.

3-Burgaclip and Burgaflex crimp fittings can be used in combination with the hose.

4-SAE J2064, European standards and customer specific specifications are met.

5-The hose is suitable for use with multiple refrigerants.


The transition from our current branding to the new branding will take place throughout the year. If additional information is required or should you have any questions, please contact your local Burgaflex account manager.