Thermal Management

With facilities around the globe Burgaflex is a world player in tube, fitting & hose assembly production. The reputation of Burgaflex was built through the tailor made solutions we can offer our worldwide customers. We work with the world's leaders in hose manufacturing – such as Contitech and Eaton – and are manufacturing all fitting and tubing requirements in our own production facilities in order to be flexible, have a constant quality and to guarantee our customers a short lead-time. Our group philosophy will always remain the same: Follow the customers hose assembly and tubing expectations.  Quality products against competitive prices with excellent customer service nearby.

The supply programme has been focused on thermal management. Our products can be found in cars, trucks, buses and coaches, off road machines and transport refrigeration. We do not only provide products for the manufacturers of original equipment but we also have a complete programme for the aftermarket and service sectors.

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Our products

Burgaflex Hoses


We offer hoses for airconditioning, watercooling/heating, oilcooling and airbrakes. Our hoses meet all international norms and can be made to any size and customer specification.

Burgaflex Fittings


We have a wide range of fittings available for each hose and application fittings. From the reusable or field attachable fittings to crimp fittings to Burgaflex own developed and patented Burgaclip ® system. Fittings are made out of steel, aluminium or stainless steel.

Burgaflex Tubing


Our tubing is made according to customer design and specifications. With brackets, stud pipes or other necessary related parts.  Tubing can be made out of steel, aluminium, stainless steel or copper for original equipment manufacturing.

Burgaflex Assemblies


Hose assemblies are made according to customer design and specifications. With straight or preformed hoses.  Fittings can be made out of steel, aluminium, stainless steel, copper or plastics.


Internal Heat Exchanger (IHX)

Internal Heat Exchangers are made according to customer design and specifications. With brackets or other necessary related parts.  The exchanger is made out of aluminium.


Battery Management

The temperature of the battery need to be managed by cooling or heating. For both circuits, refrigerant loop for the chiller or a glycol loop for the physic battery heating / cooling, assemblies can be made according customer requirements in steel or aluminium.


Component Cooling

The electrical components need to be cooled by a glycol loop. Assemblies can be made according costumer requirements in steel or aluminium.


Threadless Technology

Easy connection for airconditioning and thermal management systems. The connection as Burgaflex standard and combined with customer specific design. Connection made out of steel combined with plastic.

The Burgaflex Group

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